Architecture appears with the balance between the design of the space and its functionality. Rehabilitating the existing and recovering its strength, or giving value to the new, is the fundamental part of the architectural work. Materials, forms and environments work together for a whole that becomes the built space.

Subsidized housing

Biomass Energy Center

Multipurpose building

Santa Cecilia Primary School

El Castellot

Flat Refurbishment Masquefa

Socio-cultural Building

Refurbishment of single family house

Rehabilitació i ampliació de l’escola bressol municipal 2Puig

Refurbishment and expansion of the Trinitat Nova municipal nursery

Rehabilitació d’ habitatge a la Barceloneta 2Puig

Flat refurbishment in the Barceloneta

Laboratoris Caproica a Bogotà 2Puig

Refurbishment and implementation of CORPOICA laboratories in Bogotá

Rehabilitació de Cal Fanxico per a la nova seu de l’Ajuntament de Bolvir 2Puig

Refurbishment of Cal Fanxico for the new Town Hall of Bolvir

Refurbishment Porxos Cal Fanxico for Auditorium, Library and other local services. Bolvir. 2019

Flat refubrishment ine Les Corts. Barcelona. 2021