Refurbishment and expansion of the Trinitat Nova municipal nursery

Barcelona. 2017


RThe intervention in the Municipal Children’s School of Trinitat Nova part of the will to create a new front that joins the first floor of the main building with the second floor of the Municipal Market of Trinitat Nova, own use of the nursery.

This new front is configured by a set of independent architectural volumes, made of laminated wood. This allows the possibility of expansion in different phases, without affecting the rest of the interior spaces. The reorganization of circulations is proposed, as well as all the interior spaces of the school.

The proposal is based on a complete intervention in the building but it can be done as soon as possible in order not to hinder the normal functioning of the school year, so a prefabricated construction system is proposed and quickly assembled. The main factor is the child (inhabitant of interior spaces) and that is why the chosen materials are mainly wood and glass, kind materials in direct contact and that allow to arrive prefabricated, of agile assembly and that do not generate waste in the construction works.

The construction links the existing volumes through a new light filter that incorporates new interior spaces of communication and relationship.

2Puig.architects · Xavier Montoliu · Ignasi Navàs