Refurbishment and implementation of CORPOICA laboratories in Bogotá

Colombia. 2016


Related with the ancient ruins of ” El Castellot “, the museum is the place where the exhibition will be located. Integrated with the nature surrounding, the volume is solved with diferent ways.The building is a reinterpretation of the old construction of Cerdanya. Stone walls and pitched roofs of wood and slate are joined with new materials like concret, and green roofs making that the hill extends over the building.The overall project focuses on the refurbishment and renovation of existing industrial buildings and warehouses to become plant and animal research laboratories for CORPOICA (the Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research), an entity under the Colombian government.

The different building renovation projects have been based on maintaining its external industrial image, updating its interiors both in spaces and in facilities, where there are laboratories and white rooms of high scientific level.

The outer space has also been treated to turn it into a pole of meeting and exchange of knowledge within the CORPOICA center itself, as well as to receive visitors.