Socio-cultural Building

Alella, Catalunya. 2015


The Socio-cultural Centre is born from its interior activities, its users and its program, who are the protagonists. Also with the desire to show the inside to the people outside. It’s the music that resonates inside and harmony as a sheet passing through the spaces of the building while the different activities take place.

The volume of the building comes from the concept of the music box, which contains within it the machinery of the activities.

The building consists of a volume solid masonry (brick) that through the incision of a light box, making penetration with the natural light inside, opens to the outside. The initial brick box is configured to provide outside views to each activity. A building for users and dynamic showcase of cultural activities to Alella’s pedestrian.

2Puig.architects · Emma Caldarera · Xavier Montoliu · Ignasi Navàs