Can Oriol Park

Rubí. 2018


This preliminary draft encompasses three different proposals for action on the entire surface of the urban park of Can Oriol in Rubí. The three proposals start from the same base: Recovery of the existing agriculture, strengthening of the relationship between the park and its green with the urban plot and the restoration of previous actions in the field of action.

From here the three proposals are born, all of them with a predominance of curvilinear traces and including the same functional program.

The first one understands the proposal as an opportunity to bring together the whole program in a single point where to build the whole program, and thus leave the virgin nature and agriculture as a space to preserve intact.

The second part distributes the program along the main road that crosses the park, taking advantage of the corners that it generates and the natural topography of the space as an ally to create areas for activities.

The third extends the program throughout the territory with small landscaping interventions, opening the entire park to the public and recognizing specific areas as areas for specific activities.

2Puig.architects – Ignasi Navàs