Plaza del Sol square

Pedrola, Spain. 2014



The new Plaza del Sol of Pedrola offers a peaceful place away from the road traffic. At the same time it creates a central shaded area where people can make activities or simply as a rest area.

The reorganization of the original square has eliminated traffic and parking of the inside, but bounded outside. The place rises to a single level and mix pedestrians with the streets that come to it. The texture of the floor and the change of the asphalt streets to a surface of concrete and pavers create a different atmosphere. This is intended to democratize the space, giving to the user the priority in front of cars. Different types of materials help to recognize rest areas with cobblestone, the corridors of concrete and the vegetation areas.

The center of the square is a carpet of stone in the shade of the trees and the urban elements help people to recognize the zone to stay. The bushes, that surround the center of the square, insulate the inside and help to create this atmosphere of recollection which culminates with the embrace of the trees over this space.

2Puig.architects – Elisenda Lurbes – Ana Quintana – Sergi Romero – Giorgia Sgarbossa